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Early in September, 2015, the Higher Council for Innovation & Excellence‎ (HCIE) organized the first national forum for innovators in Palestine, honoring more than 80 Palestinian innovators in a ceremony that is meant to become an annual tradition, to provide the necessary exposure and recognition for innovations made in Palestine by Palestinians.

Among the five selected national success stories came Iris Solutions, many factors landed Iris the recognition, including:

  1. Pioneering immersive technology in Palestine.
  2. Creating innovative services and products, especially the sensory box, for which Iris was able to successfully obtain a patent on a global level.
  3. Implementing 30+ projects locally and internationally within a short period.
  4. Making 1+ million dollars in revenue, while being self funded all the way.

Iris  received a presidential recognition as one of the top 5 innovative projects and success stories in Palestine for the year 2015. It is worth mentioning that along with Iris, 4 other innovators received recognition: Amoro, isurface, Hawas,  da’abes farming.

Iris have also contributed to the event by providing one of its top products, that is, the eRegistration system.


The selection Process

The nominees are handpicked by a committee formed from representatives of organizations known for their many innovative endeavors in Palestine. Both the committee and the HCIE agreed to pick the nominees who either:

  1. Have previously received grants or awards through these organizations.
  2. OR have previously been evaluated by such organizations.

Afterwards, another committee selects the top five innovators in Palestine, among which came Iris.


Sectors and Innovators

The forum honors Palestinian innovators working in the fields of: renewable energy, water and environment, agriculture and nutrition, manufacturing, engineering, construction and real-estate, medical sciences, natural sciences, disabilities related system, telecom and IT and nano technology.

The nominated innovators includes: high school students, higher education institutions, teachers and academia professors, individuals working in either the public or private sectors and business owners.





eRegistraition system by Iris

September, 2015: eRegistraition system by Iris 


About HCIE

Through its believe in the inherent creative capacities and energies of the Palestinian people and acknowledging the vital role of creativity in the establishment process of the State of Palestine, consolidation the steadfastness, resilience and prosperity of the Palestinian people, the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence pursues to play a leadership role in consolidating a culture of innovation and excellence within the Palestinian society, empowering innovators and strengthening a national innovation system as the main pillar of the knowledge economy that we look for

About Iris

Iris Solutions is a Palestinian L.L.C. Though registered in 2010, we started official operations in 2012 with a main focus in mind, interactive & touch technology.

One of Iris’s major turning points was the pivot made in 2014, when iris started to give the majority of its focus to assistive technology; offering sensory environments to rehabilitation centers. Over the past 2.5 years, Iris installed 15 sensory rooms across the West Bank and Gaza, serving more than 4,000 children with various developmental conditions. In 2015, Iris hit a technological-breakthrough multiplying its impact by 10, through successfully developing the first plug-and-play tool that can transform your regular & very ordinary room into a complete sensory environment in a matter of minutes, the “Sensory box”. Iris acquired a provisional patent for it, and is planning to officially launch the product to the market in the summer of 2016.

Currently, iris serves as a specialized technology provider in various fields, positioning itself as a provider of interactive technology that is none like any other.