Iris Among the Top 10 Finalists for KAAYIA-Jordan

Earlier in April 2016, iris Interactive solutions has been selected among the top 10 innovative initiatives by King Abdullah Award for Youth Innovation & Achievement across Middle East best know as KAAYIA.

The top 3 winners were announced on May 4th, in a ceremony that was held in Amman, and they were: Kees Chic from KSA, Youknow from Palestine, Khatwa from Egypt. The other 7 initiatives who were nominated were: iris from Palestine, Bashkatib from Egypt, Mshakal from Jordan, Technical Cloud from Jordan, SOUPer Meals on Wheels from Lebanon, Siraj from Jordan.


Launched by His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein at the World Economic Forum in 2007, The King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement (KAAYIA), celebrates and supports young men and women throughout the Arab region who have pioneered innovative solutions to urgent social, economic and environmental challenges. The biennial Award is designed to promote creative problem-solving and cross-border dialogue and cooperation among Arab youth. The KAAYIA is awarded to youth, aged 18 to 30, across the Arab region. Applications are reviewed against three core criteria; Leadership & Innovation, Collaboration & Partnership, Impact & sustainability. The top 3 winners receive 50,000 US$ in cash per each to expand the scope and impact of their work, while the other 7 become innovation fund candidates, and all 10 finalists receive capacity building training and recognition for the exemplary work they are doing.

About Iris

Iris Solutions is a Palestinian L.L.C. Though registered in 2010, we started official operations in 2012 with a main focus in mind, interactive & touch technology.

One of Iris’s major turning points was the pivot made in 2014, when iris started to give the majority of its focus to assistive technology; offering sensory environments to rehabilitation centers. Over the past 2.5 years, Iris installed 15 sensory rooms across the West Bank and Gaza, serving more than 4,000 children with various developmental conditions. In 2015, Iris hit a technological-breakthrough multiplying its impact by 10, through successfully developing the first plug-and-play tool that can transform your regular & very ordinary room into a complete sensory environment in a matter of minutes, the “Sensory box”. Iris acquired a provisional patent for it, and is planning to officially launch the product to the market in the summer of 2016.

Currently, iris serves as a specialized technology provider in various fields, positioning itself as a provider of interactive technology that is none like any other.