April, 2016- Ramallah – Iris Interactive solutions have recently supported the launch of Alwaan, an Arabic platform to address autism and impairment disabilities in the Middle East. Softly launched in April, Alwaan aims to become the destination Arab speakers resort to when seeking more information on developmental conditions, serving socially vulnerable groups and families.


Serving a Need

More than 5 years into developing assistive technologies, we have met with many families of children with impairment disabilities, though different in many aspects, these families were found to share one thing in common, the lack of proper guidance and acceess to resources necessary to improve the livelihood of their children. While some might resort to the internet, others might find it difficult to do so.  When an Arabic speaking family seeks advice online, they often come across non-Arabic speaking websites, adding yet another barrier to conquer, that is, language.  Thus, we launched Alwaan to: Spread awareness, provide a digital hub for families and professionals in the Middle East and publish original and referenced Arabic content from all over the world to Arab speaking audiences.


Why Alwaan?

Alwaan will be focusing on Autism during the first stage, paving the way to eventually start covering more developmental and impairment disabilities such as PTSD. At the current stage, through shedding the light on the different sides of autism, publishing latest studies and researches conducted in the field, Alwaan will become your special guide into the mind of people with autism. Aiming to enrich the knowledge of the reader, shift mindsets, change perceptions, and educate families on where to go and what to do, step by step.


Alwaan Vision

Through Alwaan, we hope to create a World where people with autism would be able to live within surroundings that both accept and understand. Yes, there is no definitive treatment for autism, but this is not an excuse to be unaware when there is so much to know out there about developmental disabilities.

Visit Alwaan today!


About Iris

Iris Solutions is a Palestinian L.L.C. Though registered in 2010, we started official operations in 2012 with a main focus in mind, interactive & touch technology.

One of Iris’s major turning points was the pivot made in 2014, when iris started to give the majority of its focus to assistive technology; offering sensory environments to rehabilitation centers. Over the past 2.5 years, Iris installed 18 sensory rooms across the West Bank and Gaza, serving more than 4,000 children with various developmental conditions. In 2015, Iris hit a technological-breakthrough multiplying its impact by 10, through successfully developing the first plug-and-play tool that can transform your regular & very ordinary room into a complete sensory environment in a matter of minutes, the “Sensory box”. Iris acquired a provisional patent for it, and is planning to officially launch the product to the market in the summer of 2016.

Currently, iris serves as a specialized technology provider in various fields, positioning itself as a provider of interactive technology that is none like any other.