Interactive Tech.

  • Interactive Digital Concierge

    The Interactive Digital Concierge (IDC) serves to empower tourism at, and leverage the quality of service at old city of Jerusalem. IDCs are portals of information […]

  • Mobile Exhibition

    Interactive info-graphic presentation of urbanization development in Palestine. Solution delivered through creative portable 3d mapping technology, where multi-user navigate the system through tablets. Presentation use at […]

  • Interactive Dance Game

    Engaging, fun, and sometimes breath-taking solution part of telecom marketing campaign. On-site & Facebook game experience based on rhythm genre used for two different campaigns.

  • Virtual Tours of Palestine at Expo Milano

    Fifteen virtual tours of historical and touristic sites of Palestine, presented in interactive solutions with touch screen representing Palestine at the Expo Milano 2015.

  • Visitor Tourism Center

    Jenin Tourism Centre is the biggest touristic centre in the north of Palestine, equipped with high-tech solutions serving as digital information portal for tourists. The Jenin […]

  • Interactive Building Presentation

    Presentation of real-state management company though a touch table.