Interactive Registration System

The eReg is a modern, user-friendly high-tech system for collecting statistical and other data at events, conferences, and gatherings. It provides visitors with a pleasant interactive data collection experience, a good alternative to pen and paper.

With the eReg, data is collected through a portable tablet that is designed to work independently: no electricity or internet connection required. Setup only takes 30 minutes – can be done right before the event – and the system is guaranteed to work up to 8 hours non-stop.

Event organizers receive collected data in an easily understandable format (Excel) in less than 24 hours after the event. It saves you time, effort, is completely legible and ready to use.

Data ready within 24 hours

You can have your visitors’ data and stats within 24 hours. Place your order 48 hours before the event and have it ready on time, fully themed and customized!


No wires or electricity needed


No internet connection required


Set questions easily

Full customization

Interface to suit your branding

See it in action

Click on the videos below to learn more about eReg system interface