Today's Registration System

The eReg is modern high-tech system for collecting data in events and workshops in a user-friendly fashion.

eReg guides visitor (user) into an interactive data collection experience. Data is collected through an tablet.

Events organizations gets visitors’ collected data in an excel sheet, giving them quality & organized data with less time & effort.

eReg is designed to work without any dependences: no electricity or internet is needed. Setup in 30 minutes before event to be up for 8 hours non-stop.

Data ready within 24 hours

You can have your visitors' data and stats within 24 hours of the event. And you can easily place your order 48 hours before the event to have it ready and fully themed and customized!


no wires or electricity needed.


no internet connection required


set questions easily.

Full customization

full customization of the interface to suit host’s branding

See it in Action

Click on the videos below to see eReg system in Both English and Arand Interface