Sensory Box

Designed for children,
can also be used by adults
“The sensory box allows us to grab the children’s attention easily and encourages them to interact”
Majd / Nablus Child Centre

Behavior is communication.
Change the environment and behaviors will change.

Lana David


Sensory Box allows you to fully control the color of the light that engulfs you, its intensity and changing time-span.

The color that lights up the room is a powerful addition to the desirable effect on behavior or atmosphere needed for therapy, conversation, educational games etc. Choose it based on your mood or emotions.

Select from 15 different colors and 3 intensity levels. Sensory Box comes with light bulbs suitable for your electricity plug.


Sound effects are a very helpful soft tool to customize individual space and atmosphere. Sensory Box allows you to experience nature’s sounds such as wind, rain, forest, sea, birds chirping which can be played along with any of the music or video tracks provided.

Sound effects in the Sensory Box can be used not only for relaxation but also as a tool for learning about the nature and decreasing inner fears.


Four music categories – relaxing, background, concentration, play – and more than a dozen long tracks encourage you to find the best suitable melody for any particular need.

It is easy to swipe through the music tracks and adapt them to a changing mood. Since 6% of the environment experience and memory formation comes through the sound, the Sensory Box offers to indulge in tunes that allow to beckon the brightness of the mind.


Sight is one of the main senses through which we understand the world. For humans, visual stimulation accounts for more than 80% of their whole environment comprehension. With this in mind, Sensory Box offers hours of fascinating videos inviting both children and adults to immerse into the calmness and comfort that the natural world provides.

The videos are divided into 6 categories and cover various areas including early age cognitive development, educational children songs and images of beautiful animals in their natural habitat, and even meditation.

Educational Content

Sensory Box developers designed custom games orientated towards a plethora of development areas including fine and gross motorics; recognition and ability to learn and remember colors, sounds, animals, body parts; improvement of eye contact and other daily social skills such as how to behave in a group or when various emotions rush in; practical routine and personal hygiene commands.

Colors are powerful psychological triggers that help children learn better by changing their perception and evoking emotions.

Games are categorized according to the skill-set to be developed and are easy to choose even for the child herself. The games are constantly updated with new and approved content for learning and getting ready for the next step in the life of a young human being.

For a child, this growing human being, the possibility to control entirely their whole sensual environment is a hugely beneficial achievement.

Visual stimulation in a human being takes more than 80% of the whole environment comprehension.

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Raseel Association
Child Cultural Development Centre
Friends School
Taawon Association
Red Crescent Society
Montessori School
An-Najah Child Institute
Princess Basma
Palestinian Ministry of Education & Higher Education
Jasmine Charitable Society
Spring House Kindergarten
Universal School
An-Najah National University
Women Association Center
Happy Child Centre
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Selwad Rehabilitation Centre
Childcare with Special Needs Association
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Research and Validation

Research-based product development decisions and evidence-led technological inventions are at the core of our work here at Iris. We cooperate with a team of educational experts and health specialists, sharing their insights, knowledge, and experiences in a variety of professional fields. Following the latest technology innovations on a global scale, we adjust our work accordingly. In the more subtle world of mental health, we rely on our global network of advisors, psychologists, psychiatrists, researchers, academics, and mental health practitioners to ensure that our products effectively respond to their users’ needs and achieve the best possible results.

For academic articles and papers on various schools of thoughts regarding the science-based philosophy behind our unique Sensory Box, please have a look at our Research Library Page.

Physical as well as psychological therapy will have a more solid effect when it is executed in a sensory environment.

Learning is impeded without a well-prepared environment based on children’s individual needs.