Presidential recognition for Iris Solutions

Ramallah, Palestine / September 2015

This year the first national forum for innovators in Palestine took place, honoring more than 80 Palestinian innovators in a ceremony that hopefully becomes an annual event to provide the necessary exposure and recognition for innovations made in Palestine by Palestinians. The event was organized by the Higher Council for Innovation & Excellence.

Among the five selected national success stories came Iris Solutions, recognized for:

// Pioneering immersive technology in Palestine.

// Creating innovative services and products, especially the Sensory Box, for which Iris was able to successfully obtain a global patent

// Implementing 30+ projects locally and internationally within a short period

// Making 1+ million US dollars in revenue, while being self-funded all the way

Together with four other innovators – AmoroiSurfaceHawas,  Da’abes farming – Iris received a presidential recognition as Top 5 innovative projects and success stories in Palestine for the year 2015.

The forum honors Palestinian innovators working in the fields of renewable energy, water and environment, agriculture and nutrition, manufacturing, engineering, construction and real estate, medical sciences, natural sciences, disabilities related system, telecom and IT, and nanotechnology. Among the nominated are higher education institutions, high school students, teachers and academia professors, businesses and individuals working in either the public or private sectors.

Iris also provided the event with one of its top products, the eRegistration system.

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